There’s plenty of action…and a big dash of feminism. A delicious cocktail of dating and detonations. Call it Mills & Boom.

Review in Evening Standard 1st August 2019 by Mark Sanderson here

A wonderful antidote to all the resentful, floppy victims of much domestic noir. (Jaq Silver) is clever and brave. She also likes fit younger men …. Her adventures are eye-popping and exciting.

Literary Review May 2019 Crime Roundup here

An intelligent yet fast moving and exciting thriller, The Chemical Detective is a compelling debut.

Review in NB Literary Magazine 29 April 2019 by James Pearson here

An excellent first novel that is packed with intelligent writing, clever twists and turns and a stunning selection of locales worthy of a Bond epic.

Review in Bookbag by James Donald here

Ones to watch 2019: The Scots set to make their mark over the coming year

Article in The Glasgow Herald 05/01/2019 here

For intelligently explosive excitement, The Chemical Detective will not disappoint

 on by Matt Willis here

Who knew David Bowie was so well versed in chemical engineering?

Five on Friday at Jill’s Book cafe 30/03/2019 here

A complex and increasingly addictive story that soon becomes a page turner.

Review and interview in TCE 01/04/2019 here