Wednesday 14th July – E&T Magazine

…the best mystery novelist ever to have taken up the quill in the name of chemistry…


Tuesday 22nd June 2021 – Edinburgh Evening News


Thursday 17th June – Publication day Phosphate Rocks – Review

I am not sure how to succinctly articulate the utter pleasure I experienced reading Phosphate Rocks. Or the anguish, the horror, the fascination or the fun. This book had it all and, when it was done, I wasn’t.  I wanted more.

It’s funny then it’s tragic and I want you all to read this story too.

Phosphate Rocks, currently my book of the year. It will take something incredible to top this one.

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Sunday 13th June – ZOOM panel Scottish Books Long Weekend – Edinburgh’s Underworld

Saturday 28th May 2021

Review of Phosphate Rocks by Angus Batey in The Quietus

There aren’t many works of fiction that come with footnotes, fewer where those footnotes include the equations that describe chemical reactions, so we’re on fairly solid ground if we were to suggest that Fiona Erskine’s Phosphate Rocks (Sandstone Press) may be unique.

A compound of fictionalised memoir, social and industrial history, chemistry textbook, and whowozit (as opposed to whodunnit), Phosphate Rocks takes more than a few risks, but there is a precise and scientific method to Erskine’s apparent madness…

…she succeeds brilliantly with what you sense was her main mission: rebuilding that plant, and giving its resurrected workforce a form of eternal life, in the mind of the reader.

Thursday 13th May 2021

Delighted to announce that Point Blank have bought Books 3 & 4 in the Jaq Silver series

Book 1 The Chemical Detective

Book 2 The Chemical Reaction

Book 3 The Chemical Cocktail

Book 4 TBA