Why should engineers read more fiction?

7 – Escape

Like many engineers, I’m a rationalist. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy escaping to other worlds where different rules apply.

From the glorious daemons of Philip Pullman, the magic realism of Isabel Allende, dream-like poetry-as-prose of Lorraine Wilson and the steam-punk dystopia of T. L. Huchu, I love a book that takes me out of myself.

Sometimes it even brings me back a better person, with my sharp edges rounded.

One writer who never fails to transport, who makes the mundane surreal, is a mesmerising Japanese shadow guide.

My recommendation – The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

Toru leaves his house one day to look for his missing cat only to find himself thrown into a series of bizarre adventures.

I was enveloped in numbness, and absence of feeling so deep the bottom was lost from view.

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Fiona Erskine is a professional engineer and the author of Jaq Silver thrillers The Chemical DetectiveThe Chemical ReactionThe Chemical Cocktail and genre defying Phosphate Rocks: A death in Ten Objects.