The Chemical Reaction Prize Crossword

An element a day keeps the doctor away….

In my novel, The Chemical Reaction, I’ve indulged in a spot of chemical cryptography.

While many of us are stuck indoors, here’s a little challenge to distract and entertain.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to give you the letters you need  to complete a crossword, with a prize awarded for identifying the secret element.

Each post will introduce you to

  • One of the characters in The Chemical Reaction
  • One of the treasures from the Emperor Qianlong’s (1735-1796) jade collection
  • One of the seventeen rare earth metals
  • One or two of the letters you need to complete the crossword and find the missing element



Crossword 2

Cryptic clues

Across Clue Letters
3 A toilet, it’s said. 2
4 Mauveine, for example? ‘E’s gone! 2
5 Generous bosom found in the middle of puddle 2
8 Meet with Len about part 7
9 Wound the church? 6
10 Provide confused sly pup 6
Down Clue
1 Overlay backed and led about to separate ore 6
2 Powerful and, oddly, main GCHQ toy 6
5 Artificial duck sitting within hide, coyly observed 5
6 Short man of the cloth 3
7 Slope hit with first powder 4
9 Put out in his tub 4

(Clues set by Professor Wriggly)

Prizes include

  • One little panda
  • One  rice-paper notebook
  • One embroidered silk hanging
  • A set of bookmarks
  • Preserved cherries, tea and other Chinese delicacies
  • Copies of The Chemical Reaction and The Chemical Detective




Complete the crossword and identify the extra element

Email me at

  • Put the solution (a one or two letter symbol for the extra element) in the subject line

For example Na for Sodium

  • Insert the completed crossword in the body of the email.

And just in case that’s too easy, anyone who adds a new mnemonic to help me remember the 17 rare earth elements will get a special prize

First hint follows – Scandium Sc


The Chemical Reaction is published by the Point Blank imprint of Oneworld and is available here.