The Chemical Reaction

Dr Jaqueline Silver is tricked by her nemesis, Frank Good, into making a short trip to China, but the factory she was sent to visit vanishes overnight.

When her former student, Dan, sends a message in code, she takes a road trip from the Shaolin Temple, home of Kung Fu, to the Banqiao hydroelectric dam, scene of the worst structural failure of the 20th century, ending up in the rare earth mines of Jiangxi.

Jaq forms an uneasy alliance with a troupe of western male strippers who are daylighting as art thieves.

She outwits corrupt police, duplicitous industrialists, only to come face to face with a knife wielding serial killer, a modern practitioner of Lingchi, administering slow slicing or death by a thousand cuts.


The Chemical Reaction, Book 2 in the Jaq Silver series, published by Point Blank in April 2020, is  available in paperback from May 13th 2021 and can be purchased from all good bookshops.

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