Why should engineers read more fiction?

4 – Travel (temporal)

The best science fiction transports us out of our familiar world, allowing us to look back through a new lens at the way we live our lives, how we organise ourselves, families and societies and the trade-offs we had stopped noticing.

By using stories to build up new worlds based on different choices, it becomes apparent that some of the things we take for granted are far from inevitable, encouraging the reader to challenge the status quo, to imagine different ways of living and to travel into many possible futures to see how things might pan out.

My recommendation: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu translated from Chinese by Ken Liu

This book takes the reader on an epic journey. Opening in the past, during the Chinese cultural revolution, it moves slowly into the future with side-steps into ever more fantastical virtual reality, becoming increasingly chilling as the technological might of the Trisolaran disruptors becomes clear. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I adored it.

What about you?

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Fiona Erskine is a professional engineer and the author of Jaq Silver thrillers The Chemical DetectiveThe Chemical ReactionThe Chemical Cocktail and genre defying Phosphate Rocks: A death in Ten Objects.