Engineer by day, writer by night.

In my day job, I run an international company with activities in over forty countries.  In the past I’ve turned rock into fertilizer, recycled solvents, recovered precious metals, brought medicines to market, made amazing new polymers, demolished factories and directed international construction projects.

The work means travel, and I never leave home without a book or twelve.  I love a good thriller, but the lack of believable women heroes is infuriating.  Why aren’t they out there, solving mysteries and saving the world?  Where is the female Bourne, Reacher, MacGuyver or Bond?

Well, I got sick of wondering and hoping, and decided to write the stories that I wanted to read.

Allow me to flip my hard hat, kick off my work boots and introduce you to Jaq Silver, a whizz with explosives, using her brain where others use brawn, blowing things up to keep people safe.

You’ll find her in action in The Chemical Detective, my debut thriller, published by Point Blank books (Oneworld) in April 2019, available from all good bookshops and on-line here.

Fiona Erskine

Fiona and Transporter Bridge

Photo © Gary Walsh