Newcastle Noir interview – The Doctor will see you now with Fiona Erskine

CRIMEFEST’s Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award Nominees Panel

The Crime Writers’ Association – Crime Writers in Residence: Fiona Erskine, April 2020


Forbes Magazine – Review of The Chemical Reaction – 26 October 2020

Unique, entertaining novel and a lot of fun.

The plot is complex, intelligent and carefully developed and features just the right blend of suspense and mystery, explosions and gorgeous male strippers, theft of multi-million dollar artworks and five-star dining in interesting locations that will especially satisfy those suffering from cabin-fever.

But be careful if you have a meeting in the morning: you may not be able to put this book down once you’ve started reading it!

Chemistry World – Review of The Chemical Reaction -20 August 2020 – Kit Chapman

Chemistry has its own answer to Jack Reacher…

Jaqueline Silver is a badass chemical engineer with a nasty habit of stumbling into danger.

There are periodic table-based codes to crack, professional athletes/strippers to seduce and deadly perils to evade. The book is chock full of characters that grab the attention, too (not least a Chinese stuntwoman who is rather handy with a sword).

Forbes – Review of The Chemical Detective – 24 July 2020 – GrrlScientist

“I recommend this original and compelling debut novel for fans of mysteries and thrillers, as well as for those looking for a credible female protagonist in a genre dominated by male superheroes.”

E&T – Review of The Chemical Reaction – 23 June 2020 – Nick Smith

“If you enjoyed the Chernobyl-based first instalment then, in the words of the song, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, because Fiona Erskine’s follow-up is even better.”

Literary Review – Review of The Chemical Reaction – May 2020 – Natasha Cooper

“No one else writes with the knowledge or brio of Erskine.”